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Pualani Bee Farm is now offering beeswax-based melting tarts for your aromatherapy pleasure.  Each 1 1/2-inch fragrant tart is molded into a hexagonal-shaped honeybee or honeycomb. The tart melts quickly when using a heat source, such as a wax melter with a tea light candle, releasing the intoxicating scents of Hawaii's floral and forest life, while also purifying the air. 


Unlike candles, wax tarts act as a carrier for the fragrance oil and do not evaporate when melted. Each semi-soft tart can be cut into smaller sizes for shorter evaporation periods or small wax melters. Although the scent eventually fades away, the remaining unscented wax can be removed from the melter, replaced with a new wax tart, or reused by adding a few drops of your own choice of essential oils into the remaining unscented hot wax.


Each wax melt is comprised of 100% Hawaiian beeswax, mango butter, and a unique blend of essential oils. Our Heavenly Flowers scent features the intoxicating floral aromas of Pikake Jasmine and Ylang Ylang while our Heavenly Forests scent features the exotic musky aroma of Hawaiian Sandalwood and Egyptian Musk. Each pack contains 4 tarts of your selected scent.


For candle-melted wax burners, add our 100% pure Hawaiian beeswax tea lights to your order. 

Scented Wax Tarts

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