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Pualane Bee Farm's unscented yellow and golden-colored tea light candles are the perfect, healthy air purifier that also heats scented oils or melts wax tarts in a proper dish, keeps your tea hot on a teapot warmer, and can be used to create ambient lighting in a quiet and serene space. Made from 100% pure Hawaiian beeswax from our hives, the candles emit a subtle honey scent when burning.


Our beeswax tea light candles are packed into a clear sealed cellophane bag.

100% Pure Hawaiian Beeswax Tea Light Candles

Pre-orders will take approximate 10 business days to process. We will email you with a tracking number once the product is available and ready to be shipped.
  • Remove all packaging and labels before burning tea light candles. Trim wick to 1/4" each time candle is lit. Burn only in a proper container or holder.  When burning candles, keep away from flammable items and surfaces. Keep away from children and pets. Burn within sight and avoid drafty areas. Keep wax pool free of detritus.

    Due to seasonal differences in the aromatic and color properties of raw beeswax, as well as the natural cracking that can occur to pure beeswax during cooling off, there may be slight visual and fragrant variations.

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