At Pualani Bee Farm, we harvest fresh bee pollen on a daily basis. Due to the ever-changing nature of flowering plants from which our bees forage, our bee pollen is available on a seasonal basis and therefore characterizes the variations in color and taste of the range of blossoms from which the bees forage at any given time throughout the year. With one hive often foraging from different sources than the next, we mix together their daily, weekly, and monthly yields to produce a blend that captures the diverse range of aromatic sources of each season. We store our bee pollen in the freezer to preserve its freshness and health benefits, thus maintaining also the therapeutic benefits that bee pollen can offer. Once purchased, jars of Pualani Fresh Bee Pollen should be kept frozen for no longer than 2 years or refrigerated for no longer than 12 months. 

Fresh Hawaiian Bee Pollen

PriceFrom $8.30
  • WARNING: Bee products should not be given to children under 12 months of age or to persons with allergies to bee stings.