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At Pualani Bee Farm, we harvest beeswax from our own honeybee colonies on the Big Island of Hawaii. We render our wax using low temperatures and muslin cloth filters to preserve the yellow-to-golden color and natural honey aroma. This beautiful all-natural, 100% Hawaiian beeswax can be used to make candles, aromatherapy products, wax-coated kitchen wraps, or art projects. Wrapped in clear cellophane, a bag of 8 comb honey-shaped discs weigh 1 lb., with the small 2 oz. puck size allowing for easy handling and quick melting.



100% Pure Hawaiian Beeswax

  • Due to seasonal differences in the aromatic and color properties of raw beeswax, as well as the natural cracking that can occur to pure beeswax during cooling off, there may be slight visual and fragrant variations.

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