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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

How thrilling to finally have the Pualani Bee Farm website go live and ready for business. Until now, we have enjoyed the private sharing of our bee products with friends, family, and neighbors in Hawaii and across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Now it is time to officially expand the culinary experience of 100% raw Hawaiian honey and our hive products to the global public. And what better time to do so now, with Pualani Bee Farm's first harvest of the divinely delicious comb honey rounds.

Our bees have been working hard to show off the architectural feat of circular comb building. We especially congratulate the fuzzy "little ladies" from Hive #3 (yes, we will give our bee colonies more creative names some day soon!) for their accomplishment in being the first hive to complete the comb honey rounds. Creating these epicurean delicacies is hard work for our bees and a test of patience and perseverance for our beekeepers (aka yours truly). However, the endeavor has paid off as Pualani Comb Honey Rounds are simply irresistible! From the moment of crunching one's teeth into the thin layers of beeswax, bursting open the hexagon-shaped cells and releasing the encapsulated reserves of golden-yellow honey, to the last lick of aromatic sweetness dripping down one's fingers, a series of sound escapes the mouth: "mmmmmmmm!," "wow!," "mmmmmmm!" again, then another bite, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

We cannot wait to share this purest form of hive-to-table honey experience. We welcome friends, family, neighbors, and new customers to our website to read more about our farm, our 100% raw Hawaiian honey and hive products and to share in these gourmet treasures from the coastal rainforests of Hawaii Island.


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Hello! stopping by to

let you know that i just tried the honey comb that my boyfriend just got from

you. I needed to tell you how amazing this was. I paired it with some cheese. Didn’t think that would be a good idea but wow!!! i was definitely wrong! I will be buying some in the near future. You have a fan all the way in California.

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