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Brian Smythe, aka Brian O'Brien, is a stand up comic and humor coach, who happened to visit Pualani Bee Farm recently, spreading some joy and laughter with bee jokes. Brian has kindly shared excerpts from his, A Treasury of Dad Jokes from: The Inner Child Joke e-books Series.

How do bees stay dry when it’s raining?

They wear little yellow jackets.

Why do bees hum?

Because they don’t know the words.

Where did Noah keep the bees on the ark?

On the “B” deck, in the archives. [Ark hives]

Why did the pet store give Betty beekeeper 13 bees when she paid for 12?

They threw in a freebie.

What are the bees favorite singers?

BB King and Sting.

What is the bees favorite musical group?

The Bee Gees.

What is the bees favorite sport?


What is the bees favorite haircut?

A buzz cut.

What is the bees favorite flower?


What is the bees’ favorite gum?

Bumble gum.

What is the bees’ favorite astronaut?

Buzz Aldrin.

What do you call a bee having a bad hair day?

A Frisbee.

What do you call an indecisive bee?

A may bee.

Why did the bee decide to get married?

Because he found his honey.

What do you call bees born in the spring?


What do you get when you cross a bee with a doorbell?

A humm dinger.

What insect makes the noise “Zubb. Zubb.”?

A bee flying backwards.

What did one bee say to the other bee on a hot spring day?

Swarm here, isn't it!

What’s the bees’ favorite vitamin?

Vitamin B.

What did one bee say to the other bee?

Look out bee-hind you!

What’s the bees’ favorite restaurant?


What did the beekeeper say after writing a book about bees? “ these are gonna fly off the shelves.”


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