With major nectar flows just around the corner, Pualani Bee Farm is clearing out shelves of all honey varietals from 2020 to make room for Hawaii Island's forthcoming abundant spring harvest. This multi-estate Tropical Wildflower honey was sourced from various bee yards located throughout lower Puna District on the eastern side of Hawaii Island. To produce this amber-colored honey, Hawaii's bees forage among the blossoms of a variety of tropical trees, plants, grasses, and vines, naturally blending together the diverse floral characteristics of each nectar source into an ever-changing sweet and flowery varietal.

Tropical Wildflower Honey / Summer 2020 - Multi-Estate Varietal

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  • All 100% raw Hawaiian honey can naturally solidify or crystalize. To reliquify, place jar in warm water.


    WARNING: Bee products should not be given to children under 12 months of age or to persons with allergies to bee stings.