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Pualani Bee Farm's single-estate Tropical Wildflower Honey sun-infused with ginger combines the essence of our rainforest nectars with the tangy taste of Hawaii's favorite spice. Commonly found in upland and lowland Hawaiian gardens, ginger blossoms fill the air with their seductive scents while adding color and decorative distinction to any landscape. Of the 26 species of ginger plants in Hawaii, only 2 have edible roots (rhizomes), which are commonly used throughout the islands to endow a hot and zesty flavor to any dish. Filled with nutritional and health benefits, ginger is an ideal companion to our 100% raw Hawaiian honey.


For this sun-infused honey, we partially dry slices of locally sourced (sometimes from our own garden!) 100% Hawaiian-grown ginger to reduce its water content and concentrate the taste. We then submerge the slices into oversized mason jars filled with our Tropical Wildflower Honey. We expose the jar to the natural warmth of our summer sun, flipping it multiple times each day until the ginger has lent its exotic taste and zesty "bite" to the warm honey. This ginger-honey infusion is ideal for use in both savory and sweet dishes or eaten as is on morning toast or to "spice up" a cup of coffee or tea.

Hawaiian Ginger-Infused Tropical Wildflower Honey / 2023

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  • All 100% raw Hawaiian honey can naturally solidify or crystalize.


    WARNING: Bee products should not be given to children under 12 months of age or to persons with allergies to bee stings.

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