This past summer, we had the rare opportunity to remove a massive feral honey bee colony from the ceiling of an unoccupied house in Kea'au, Puna District. To our surprise, the colony's bees  (or perhaps also bees from previous colonies?) had created a beautiful honey-filled comb structure that included newer comb built onto and over older comb, with some cell sections containing an almost transparent light-yellow colored honey (most likely of Ohia Lehua origin) while other cells contained a very dark, amber honey. Given the intertwined nature of these two decidedly different honey types both stored within the same comb, we extracted the liquids together, begetting a complex blend of honey reserves that reflect the feral bee's freestyle buildup of comb and honey over time. The end result is a unique Tropical Wildflower honey with a molasses-like color, a rich floral taste, a slightly milder sweetness than the classic Tropical Wildflower, and a smooth liquid consistency--which may in time crystallize, given the presence of Ohia Lehua derived honey.


To denote the extraordinary character of this specialty feral bee product, available only as long as the supply lasts, we have jarred the honey in our usual hexagon jars but with silver lids, setting it apart from our Pualani Bee Farm estate honey.

Feral Bee Tropical Wildflower Honey / Summer - 2021 - Kea'au, Puna District

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  • All 100% raw Hawaiian honey can naturally solidify or crystalize. To reliquify, place jar in warm water.


    WARNING: Bee products should not be given to children under 12 months of age or to persons with allergies to bee stings.