Pualani Bee Farm's single-estate 100% Raw Hawaiian Tropical Wildflower Honey sun-infused with 100% Hawaiian-grown vanilla beans from the orchid, or Vanilla planifolia, has become an all-time favorite during our honey-tastings here on the farm. Grown in the upland forests of the Hamakua Coast of Hawai'i Island, the full-length, mature vanilla beans are immersed into the honey and exposed to the warmth of the sun over weeks, allowing the seeds inside the beans to slowly release their aromatic essence into the golden honey. the final result is a gentle warm, slightly caramel taste with clear vanilla undertones.  This infused varietal makes an excellent addition to honey-glazed meats; mixed into warm drinks (tea, coffee, Irish coffee, lattes...); drizzled over ice cream, rice pudding, and bread pudding; or spread over fresh pieces of toast and baked goods.

100% Raw Hawaiian Vanilla-Infused Tropical Wildflower Honey / 2021 Single Estate

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  • All 100% raw Hawaiian honey can naturally solidify or crystalize. Do not heat jars containing chunks of comb as this will melt the wax.


    WARNING: Bee products should not be given to children under 12 months of age or to persons with allergies to bee stings.